Thursday, 11 February 2010

Venerable Fr Vitus-Michael Di Netta, C.SS.R. (1788-1849)

Father Di Netta was born on 26 February, 1788 at Vallata, in the Kingdom of Naples and was received into the Redemptorist Congregation while a seminarian in 1804 by the Servant of God Father Tannoia. He was professed on 25 April, 1808, and ordained a priest on 11 March, 1811. He was to become a holy and ardent Missioner.

Calabria was the principal scene of his activities and there he preached numerous Missions. (He is called the Apostle of the Calabrians.) His compelling words attracted all hearts and nobody could resist the power of his zeal.

To this ardent Missioner, this vigilant observer of the Rule, to this so mortified religious, so penitent, so humble, God gave the gift of reading the secrets of hearts far into the future. He had also the gift of miracles.

Father died on the day he himself had predicted – the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, 3 December, 1849 at Tropea.

On 22 June, 1910, Pope St. Pius X signed the decree of the introduction of his cause and conceded to him the title of Venerable. †

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