Saturday, 13 February 2010

Br Anthony Habermaier, C.SS.R. (1819-1895)

Br Anthony was born on October 6, 1819 and baptised with the name of James. Brother had been married, and in that state was a staunch Catholic, a prominent member of St Joseph's parish of Rochester, United States. He served for many years as usher in the church. After the death of his wife, he carried out his long-cherished desire of embracing the life of a Redemptorist brother. He was professed on April 15, 1869.

Being a first-rate tailor by trade, he rendered most valuable services to the community. For many years, he was connected with the novitiate, and had to attend to the various temporal wants of the young men. Brother Anthony was admirably suited for that position. It was in that quality that his name became, as it were, a house-hold word among the members of the Province, particularly among the younger ones, who had the benefit of his services during their novitiate.

He was, indeed, a faithful servant of the Lord, a genuine Redemptorist brother, humble and industrious, pious and cheerful. His memory will, therefore, ever be held in benediction. He died on September 2, 1895. †

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