Friday, 26 February 2010

The Servant of God Rev. Fr Xavier Rossi, C.SS.R. (1706-1758)

Born in 1706, Father Rossi was one of St. Alphonsus' first companions. He entered the Redemptorist Congregation a year after its foundation. Despite his ardent zeal for the salvation of souls, he was forced, almost as soon as he entered religion, to renounce apostolic work due to a violent cough, which caused frequent spitting of blood.

Instead he consecrated himself entirely to the Monastery of Ciorani, of which he became the architect, the business manager and the support. St. Alphonsus taught him to consider God as his treasurer. This "Treasurer" sent him sums sufficient to build both a church and a monastery which could house 50 religious and 100 retreatants. His "secret" for procuring resources was to give much to the poor and to count on Divine Providence with an entire confidence. "For alms to enter a monastery" he said, "they must also leave it." Father Rossi joined himself with rare tenacity to imitating the virtues of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He had to constantly wage war on a bad temper, which strongly worked on his character and required his continual efforts to be vanquished. But his virtue always gained the upper hand and he was always master of himself – in such a way that his temperament contributed to perfect his virtues.

Father died at Ciorani on 18 January, 1758. He had also been the superior of Saint Gerard Majella. †

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