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Rev. Fr Theophile Couvreur, C.SS.R. (1863-1939)

Father was born at Cuesmes on 14 July 1863, professed as a Redemptorist in 1881 and ordained to the priesthood in 1889.

For all those who knew him, the venerated priest would always be "the good Fr Couvreur." His goodness, consist-ing at one and the same time of natural cordiality and super-natural charity, mani-fested itself in his priestly life of ceaseless devotion during half a century.

He was devoted to the hard work of the Parish Missions and retreats as well as to persons of every condition, priests, religious, pious souls who were placed in great numbers under his direction. His solicitude extended also not only to the works and associations which he directed with such success but also to the Foreign Missions confided to the Redemptorist Belgian Province and of which he was for many years the procurator (that is he provided from Belgium for the physical needs of the Missions in the Congo, Canada, West Indies etc.)

To the merits he amassed over nearly sixty years of religious life, Fr Couvreur could add those of his great physical sufferings which permitted him to live the doctrine of union with the Victim Jesus, the proffered theme of his ascetic teaching.

He died at the Monastery of Brussels on 13 September, 1939 and his memory was held in honour by his confreres and the faithful who had lived under the influence of his exemplary piety and his comforting kindness. †
(From Father's mortuary card.)

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