Thursday, 6 August 2009

Rev Fr Louis Gallis, C.SS.R. (1822-1886)

Father Gallis was born at Antwerp, Flanders on 21 November, 1822. He was ordained to the secular priesthood in Malines on 6 June, 1862, and became a professor at the Minor Seminary of Hoogstraten. He was professed as a Redemptorist on 15 October 1853.

Father's apostolate was fertile, laborious and indefatigable. For 31 years his voice resounded throughout all of Flemish Belgium. God gave him remarkable apostolic gifts, a vibrant and sonorous voice, a popular style, courage in the face of difficulties and a great goodness towards poor sinners.

The edifying example of the Holy Family Confraternity in St Trond was his work. He was both the example and the joy of his confreres through his religious virtues. He died on the "battle-field" on 12 March 1886 in the Antwerp Monastery on the first day of the Mission. Death did not frighten him. He was prepared. He was buried at Hoboken.

"May his works praise him amidst the assemblies of the people." †

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