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Deacon Maurice Hucq, C.SS.R. (1889-1917)

Deacon Maurice Hucq was born at Hingeon, near Brussels, Belgium, on 26 October 1889. He made his profession on 9 September 1907, and was ordained sub-deacon and deacon on 18 and 19 September 1915. He appeared to have been chosen for a spiritual career rich in benefits for the salvation of souls if one considers his gifts of mind and soul. Death came to cut off his work at its beginnings.

His soul, transported by a loving admiration for the Good and Beautiful, was entirely directed towards higher causes. As deacon he aspired to the priesthood in order to consecrate himself to bringing back to the Ark of the Catholic Church all the disunited.

As a Redemptorist he cherished the Redemptorist Congregation as his Mother and had at heart its beauty and grandeur, and even a prolonged absence from regularity (in the army) did nothing to cool his affection.

As a Belgian he loved his Fatherland to the point of signing up in the service of the wounded as a stretcher-bearer, without recoiling from even the sacrifice of his life. Jesus and Mary hastened to call unto themselves this faithful servant in order to crown him with the crown of perseverance.

Always held in tender affection by his family and well loved by his confreres, he left as his heritage his great and ardent aspirations and the example of his dedication to those noble causes so worthy of a magnanimous religious.

He was killed on the battlefield on Saturday, 1st December 1917 and buried at Hoogstade on 3 December. †

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