Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Servant of God Rev. Fr Giovanni Mazzini, C.SS.R. (1704-1792)

Father Mazzini was born at Naples on 18 December, 1704. After having passed his youth in admirable innocence he embraced the ecclesiastical state. He "met" St. Alphonsus at the "feet of Jesus" so to speak, when they both – in their youths, found themselves together in churches for the 40 Hours devotion. He became St. Alphonsus' first associate in the Institute, his example in the exercise of virtue, his counsellor and his close friend. For more than half a century Fathers Villani and Mazzini aided their holy and illustrious superior with all their might.

Both were able, one at age 90, the other at 88, to testify as witnesses at his Beatification process. Both went very soon thereafter into eternity, in the same year. Father died at Pagani on 3 December, 1792. †

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