Monday, 17 May 2010

Rev. Fr Felix Blum, C.SS.R. (1834-1873)

Father Felix Blum was born in Luxembourg on 31 May, 1834. His father sent him to college in the capitol but God was to call him into the Redemptorist Congregation by means of Rev. Fr. Zobel. He was professed on 1 May, 1853. He had great plans at heart which he wanted to carry out for the Glory of God, but Heaven was to satisfy itself with his desires alone.

Ordained to the priesthood on 25 May, 1861 he was to suffer all his life from a bad chest which reduced him to complete helplessness. He sought to render the service he could and repay the care taken of him by a very fervent piety and regularity.

He was sent to the monastery of Teterchen, but he was to die there on 27 January, 1873. †

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