Saturday, 2 January 2010

Fr Donald Cameron, C.SS.R. (1834-1879)

Father was born in London on the 24th February, 1834. He was professed on October 15th, 1856, and ordained Priest 22nd March, 1862. His apostolic life began in Limerick, Ireland, under Father Plunkett, and continued under Father Punkett’s successor. He was then transferred to Clapham. In that district of London he was labouring with great zeal and success, when the Most Rev Father General assigned him to the Island of St Thomas in 1879. The good Father obeyed willingly. But as that Island had already claimed many victims, he went prepared to meet his death. It was well for him to be in such dispositions, for scarcely had he landed when the malignant fever of that country seized him. It was death to Father Cameron. After lingering for a fortnight he gave his soul to God on the 29th June 1879. †

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