Friday, 29 May 2009

Rev. Fr Jan Van der Aa, C.SS.R. (1822 - 1872)

Was born at Bois-le-duc, Holland on the 13th August, 1822. He entered the Novitiate as a Clerical student and made his Vows on the Feast of St Teresa 1845. After his novitiate he completed his studies at Wittem, where he became a priest on the 22nd of December, 1849. We find him in the Monastery of Clapham in 1852, and from there he was transferred to the newly formed community in Limerick. During the Triennium which began in 1858 he was Consultor to the Vice-Provincial, and resided at Clapham. Later he was sent to the difficult Missions in Dutch Guiana, South America, where he died after a life of labour and sacrifice, at Paramaribo on the 15th July, 1872.†

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