Friday, 22 May 2009

Fr Bonchain's Life updated

The Necrology of the Servant of God Rev. Fr Louis Bronchain available on this blog has now been illustrated and a short life of this holy father is now available at Bronchain's Meditations.
Fr Bronchain's daily meditations, are full of spiritual nourishment and give solid thoughts for each day of the year accompanied by a practical examination and resolutions. They follow the liturgical cycle and usually the thoughts given for the day have some bearing on the feast being celebrated.
They are full of an uplifting Catholic spirit and challenge the rationalism of his own day and far more of ours.

"Charles Louis Laurent Bronchain was born of excellent parents, September 4, 1829, at Frameries, near Mons in Belgium. From his early boyhood he as distinguished for his piety. As an altar boy he was modest and recollected, and was wont after serving to Mass to remain as close as possible to the priest. Being asked why he acted thus, he replied: "I do this, because I wish to be nearer to the good God." When he saw people going to holy communion, he was filled with a holy envy, and would say to himself: "When shall I also have the happiness of receiving our Lord?" We may easily imagine his joy and happiness when this favor was vouchsafed to him for the first time. When out walking with his playmates, he always managed to bring them near a church and induced them to enter it with him to pay homage to our divine Saviour in the Sacrament of His love." Read more...

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