Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturdays with Our Mother of Perpetual Succour II

Trust your Mother
Our Mother of Perpetual Succour has worked a miracle here. A young mother of a family was ill for 12 years. Suffering from a chest illness, she could no longer even leave her bed and three doctors all gave her no longer than eight days to live. That which increased the sorrow of this poor mother and of the family was that her only child was to receive his First Holy Communion on 26 May and everybody hoped that she would not already be dead by this day. An aunt of the sick woman wrote to the family about Our Mother of Perpetual Succour and of the miracles worked by this Blessed Virgin. Immediately the whole family recommended the poor woman to Our Mother of Perpetual Succour. These prayers were heard. She who could no longer even move and whom the doctors had "condemned" was suddenly cured on 26 May. She was able to assist at the First Holy Communion of her child. May Jesus and Mary be praised and thanked!
Fontaine, France

For nearly two years a dear sister found herself a prey to extremely painful sciatic pains. After having used all the remedies of science, without experiencing the least improvement, she addressed herself to Her on whom we never call in vain, the refuge of the infirm and the sick. A novena was begun with the promise to take a miniature every day before reciting the prayers. But, Oh prodigy! No sooner had the first miniature been placed on the tongue of the sick person, when all the pains disappeared instantly. Thus full of joy and thanksgiving towards her Benefactress our dear ill-one cried out: “I am cured! Glory and thanksgiving to Our Mother of Perpetual Succour!” From that moment she has felt no pain and has completely recovered the use of her leg of which she could not use before without extreme pain to the point that she had sometimes had to be carried. This fact happened now more than four months ago and the cure is always in evidence.
Manosque, France

Coming out of a grave illness, I found myself in a state of desperate tiredness. My stomach above all became rebellious; I had no appetite, difficulty in digesting what I ate, vomiting, etc. On more than one occasion I was tempted to ask to be discharged from a work that I no longer had the strength to accomplish. It was then that a Redemptorist introduced me to Our Mother of Perpetual Succour. The community and the children began a novena with me. Having taken a miniature of Our Lady I felt immediately a sensible improvement, in result of which I was able to take up nearly all the religious life and perform my daily work. I was however not yet in my normal state. From time to time the stomach disorder made itself felt and kept me in a state more or less feverish. One day even I had to remain in bed with my aches and pains. “Good Mother,” I exclaimed, “thy glory will be tarnished if I suffer a relapse.” Having said this prayer I felt even stronger pains but I did not loose confidence. The night passed not too badly and the next day, due to an unforeseen circumstance, the cause of my illness was discovered and removed. I was saved by the evident protection of the Blessed Virgin. Today I follow all the exercises of the community and undertake a work that absorbs all of my time.
Sr M.M. Antony, France

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