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Rev. Fr James Bradshaw, C.SS.R. (1818-1892)

This Father was one of those who formed the first Redemptorist Community on Mount St. Alphonsus, Ireland. He held the office of Prefect of the temporary church. He was gifted with a beautiful voice and had made a special study of music, so that he was well fitted to form and take charge of the first choir at Mount St. Alphonsus.

Being appointed to help Father Furniss in the children’s Missions, he acquired much of Father Furniss’ art, and to the end of his life, loved to devote himself to that work.

He was born in Lancashire, on the 12th of March, 1818 and grew up amidst the good traditions of that Catholic county. Having made his Ecclesiastical studies in the College of Ushaw, he was ordained Priest in his thirtieth year and, two years later, entered the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

About this time God called many Priests to the Congregation who made their novitiate with Father Bradshaw at St. Trond and were destined to do much for its extension afterwards.

From the time Father Bradshaw left Mount St. Alphonsus, the greater part of his religious life was spent at Bishop Eton, England. He loved the quiet of that house, for he was of a very nervous temperament. His death was very sudden. He had gone to bury his brother; on the morning of the burial he said Holy Mass; after the funeral he dropped dead.

This was on the 5th of July, 1892. His body was brought to Bishop Eton, and there, we confidently hope, it awaits a glorious resurrection. †

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