Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Novice Brother Baudouin De Ridder (1889-1914)

Brother Baudouin was born in Assche, Flanders on 5 January, 1889. At his Baptism he was given the name Guillaume. He passed from this world unknown to it, in a most humble manner on 22 November, 1914, at Beauplateau.

But his soul was known to God and became one of those whom God not only takes unto Himself by a religious vocation - but also in his case - by a premature death.

As he prepared himself for religious life - to which he desired so ardently to consecrate himself - the young novice edified his confreres in the faithful and joyful accomplishment of his daily tasks: loving to be able to speak of the Good God - and loving above all to be able to give to prayer all the moments of his day which were left free after work.

God, Whose judgements are unfathomable but always merciful, judged him ripe for Heaven. God sent him death when nobody dreamed that it could happen. He was remembered for his love of Our Blessed Lady, which calls to mind the words of St Alphonsus:
"O Mary, when one dies loving thee, salvation is assured!"

Sweet Jesus, grant unto him eternal rest. †

(From Brother's mortuary card.)

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