Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rev. Fr Hippolyte Clement, C.SS.R. (1854-1917)

Father was born at Iseghem on 13 June, 1854 and was admitted to profession on 15 October, 1878. He was ordained a priest on 11 October, 1883.

He was loved by all those who knew him, above all the Belgian Brothers to whom he taught the religious life for the more than 25 years of his charge as Novice Master.

Those whom he instructed at Saint-Trond for 2 years and those at Roulers for 5 where also witnesses of his generous devotion, enthousiastic zeal and his warm sermons.

God gave him a great goodness and amiability of heart. During the 17 years of his work at Beauplateau in the charge of "Minister" or better-put as "Visible Providence" he rendered incomparable service to his Congregation. His unexpected death was to throw his superiors, his dear novices, and all his confreres into an unexampled consternation.

"Forget, if you will, my books and my conferences," he would say, " as long as when they are gone there is left in you a particular devotion to the Blessed Sacrament." He desired from his novices the love which he himself bore to such a high degree for the Rosary.

Father died suddenly at Beauplateau on 18 February, 1917. †

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